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tulle n : a fine (often starched) net used for veils or tutus or gowns

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  1. A kind of silk lace or light netting, used for veils, etc.




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This article is about a commune. For other uses, see Tulle (disambiguation).
Tulle (Occitan: Tula) is a commune of France, capital of the Corrèze department in the Limousin region in central France and the episcopal see of the eponymous Roman Catholic diocese, the Bishopric of Tulle. It is the third-largest town in the Limousin region, after Limoges and Brive-la-Gaillarde.


During the Hundred Years' War Tulle was pillaged by Rodrigo de Villandrando.

Massacre by the Waffen SS in 1944

During the Second World War, the 2nd SS Division Das Reich division of the Waffen SS perpetrated a massacre of civilians in Tulle. On 9 June 1944 a large number of male civilians were rounded up by the SS. Of these, 97 were randomly selected and then hanged from lamposts and balconies in the town. Additionally, another 321 captives were sent to forced labour camps in Germany.


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